Doctor machine Tipo 1500/500

Product of Grafica Elettronica

Year 2015

General technical information

Tape size
max tape width 1500 mm
min tape width 700 mm

max coil diameter1000 mm
interior diameter 6”
max coil diameter 1000 mm
interior diameter 6”
The tape direction, a view from the operator side side both directions
Pull on tape from 5 to 60 kg
Max mechanical speed 500 mt/min
Max production speed 400 mt/min


BOPP 12-40 micro

PET 12-40 micro

CPP 20-60 micro

LDPE 23-80 micro

Paper 22-120 g/m

Coupled 40-120 g/m


1. Unwinding of the above mentioned materials

2. Control of the border with automatic tape guide

3. Transport controlled over the structure

4. Possibility of application Oxy dry

5. Tensioning with towing before rewinding

6. Trimming lateral of the material

7. Rewinding

Pulsantiera generale


Product of Grafica Elettronica

spalmatura di resine su poliestere

General technical information

Max tape width 1600 mm

Range printing cylinder development 540 – 640 mm

Max mechanical speed 30 m/min

Pull up material from  4 to 40 Kg

Material to be processed PET 15-40 micro (usually 23 micro)

Unwinding (single axis)

max coil diameter 800 mm

interior diameter anime 6”

max coil weight 1200 daN

unwinding direction both directions

Winders (two axes)

interior diameter 3”

max coil weight 180 Kg

unwinding direction from below

Coating zone


steel frame with connecting tie rods

Cylinder coating

-cilindro inciso e riscaldato, supportato su cuscinetti con anelli temprati montati sui mozzi

-gearmotor with coupling terminal for transmission

Doctor blade

-heating with resistors

-control of the temperature with operator panel setting, with the possibility to program the preheat

-vertical manual setting of the doctor blade by means of handwheel

-advancement manual setting of the doctor blade through flyers

-Adhesive diffuser motorized sliding teflon

Pressure printing

-mounted on rails

-pinch roller silicon rubber resistant to high temperatures

-pneumatically regulated on each side, readable on manometers

Coating Retrofit triplex Compact 1300 Nord mechanical

Repair made by Grafica Elettronica

machine of June 1987

Performed operations

– Replaced old electric panel machine control
– Developed software machine PLC including supervision

Machine at the customer

Armadio elettrico di comando

Before and after operation

Prima dell'inteventoDopo l'intervento

Rotogravure retrofit Cerutti 960 8 colors

Repair made by Grafica Elettronica

Machine of 2001

Retrofit Rotocalco certutti

General control panel before and after operation


Motor drive DV unwinding axis 1 90A, axis 2 90A and input towing 15A


Button panel unwinding area (added new operator panel)